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Health Costs of Anger

High blood pressure is associated with difficulty with anger issues.
• People who keep their anger in tend to have high blood pressure.
• People who express anger when angry tend to have high blood pressure.
• But people who cool down and then express themselves tend to not have high blood pressure.
Heart disease is associated with both expressed and unexpressed anger.

Interpersonal Costs of Anger
• Poor or unsatisfying support system
• Damaged relationships
• Problems at school or on the job
• Excessive drinking
• Financial problems either due to job loss or poor decision-making
Physical Causes of Anger
• Head Injury
• Drugs and alcohol
The typical neurofeedback treatment for anger is to regulate brainwaves in the parts of the brain associated with controlling emotions or to increase a relaxation response and insight as in the protocol typically used in addiction.

Note: It is recommended that people with anger problems find an anger group run by someone who specializes in anger management.

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Kathy Abbott, Psy. D.
(adapted from M. McKay and P. Rogers (2000), Anger Control Workbook)
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