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Some Symptoms of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder:

• Difficulty paying attention except to novel stimuli like video games
• Does not appear to be listening
• May not follow through on instructions or finish homework
• Difficulty with organization
• Loses things, easily distracted, and forgetful
• Fidgety
• Leaves situations unexpectedly
• Difficulty playing quietly
• Talks a lot
• Blurts out responses
• Difficulty waiting
There are over 75 studies supporting the use of Neurofeedback to decrease symptoms of AD/HD. Typical results include:
• Increased IQ scores, better grades
• Improved organizational skills and follow-through
• Less time spent on homework
• Increased patience
• Better relationships with peers
When to use Neurofeedback:
• If you prefer using a treatment option other than medication
• If medication is less effective than desired
• When medications are producing undesirable side effects
Dr. Abbott does AD/HD assessments in addition to treatment.

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Evidence-based assessment, specific to ADHD, from a Harvard pediatrician:

"Overall, these findings support the use of multi-modal treatment, including medication, parent/school counseling, and EEG biofeedback, in the long term management of ADHD, with EEG biofeedback in particular providing a sustained effect even without stimulant treatment… Parents interested in non-psychopharmacologic treatment can pursue the use of complementary and alternative therapy. The therapy most promising by recent clinical trials appears to be EEG biofeedback."

Update on Attention-Deficit/
Hyperactivity Disorder,
Current Opinion in Pediatrics Dr. Katie Campbell Daley reviewed the research & practice standards on treatment of ADHD.

Dr. Katie Campbell
Department of Medicine, Children´s Hospital Boston
Department of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School.
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Neurofeedback sounds complicated, but it's as simple as learning to ride a bike with training wheels.