Here are some resources on the internet for you to go to for additional information on neurofeedback or other health conditions.

The International Society for Neuronal Regulation is the main professional society for neurofeedback practitioners. It contains information on neurofeedback including a large bibliography.

EEG Spectrum is one of the original neurofeedback companies producing equipment and trainings. Their website includes basic information about neurofeedback as well as case studies and research, and extensive links to relevant organizations with information on various symptoms and diagnoses.

Help for ADD is a site for parents and individuals with attention deficit disorder sponsored by Duke University.

EMDR.com is the site for the EMDR Institute. It has information on EMDR therapy, which is used primarily for treating trauma.

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See the following websites for more information
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www.helpforadd.com | www.EMDR.com
Neurofeedback sounds complicated, but it's as simple as learning to ride a bike with training wheels.