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It is difficult to assess AD/HD. This is because the degree of attention deficit depends on the situation, and person or people the person with AD/HD is with, and the subject of focus.

When assessing someone for AD/HD, it is important to have more than one evaluator in more than one situation. For example, checklists are usually given to the parent(s), plus a teacher or someone else who spends a significant amount of time with the client.

It is also helpful to have a direct assessment of brainwaves. The brainwave assessment helps determine if the part of the brain associated with paying attention is under functioning. This provides an objective assessment.

Another form of objective assessment is called the TOVA or Test of Variable Attention. In this test, the client must click a button when a box lights up on the top of a computer screen, and not click the same button when a box lights up on the bottom of the computer screen. Since attention vacillates in someone with ADHD, a high number of missed clicks, reaction time, and high variability reaction time are three variables associated with AD/HD.

There are many other disorders that look like and/or co-occur with AD/HD. These include anxiety and depression. A screening test is done to look for these diagnoses in addition to symptoms of AD/HD.

Intelligence testing is frequently used to help with the diagnosis and to screen for learning disabilities that are frequently seen with AD/HD.

The AD/HD assessment may include any or all of these components depending on results of the initial interview.

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